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5 Money Mindsets Keeping You Broke

5 Money Mindsets That Are Keeping You Broke

  When you think about money, what comes to mind? The credit card bill you’ve been struggling to pay off? The dream home you’ve been steadily saving up to buy over the past few years? For me, it’s the vacation I’m taking in two weeks to celebrate my 30th! Whatever string of financial stressors or … Continued

Why Single Ladies Cant Afford a Single Income

Why Single Ladies Can’t Afford a Single Income

  Single ladies, listen up! You CANNOT afford to rely on one income stream. Okay, this is true for the gents too, and even couples, but because I’m speaking from my point of view here (and because most modern day couples already enjoy the benefits of dual income), this (tough) love letter is dedicated to … Continued

How to Stop Financial Procrastination

How to Stop Procrastinating Your Personal Finances

  I’m a procrastinator. I mailed in my taxes on deadline day, I wrote almost every one of my college essays the night before it was due, and I made it through high school doing homework for the next class during the class before at least 80 percent of the time. Sound familiar? Having flashbacks? … Continued

How to budget with inconsistent income. Even with unpredictable and irregular cash flow, you can enjoy financial freedom. Here are 4 strategies that work!

4 Ways to Budget With Inconsistent Income

I’m 30 years old and I’ve never had salary certainty. That is, I’ve never had a definite (or even approximate) sense of how much money I’m going to make in a given year. From teenage camp counselor to professional actress to full time entrepreneur, inconsistent, unpredictable income has always been a fact of my financial … Continued

Want to save more money? Try starting with this simple mindset shift.

The One Mindset Shift That Will Help You Save More Money

  Imagine working a full day and having nothing to show for it because your expenses – commuting, lunch, work attire, etc. – cost just as much as you made that day. You probably wouldn’t be too pleased. In fact, you’d probably find another job. One that nets you more than zero. When thinking about … Continued

4 Easy Financial Steps to take in your 20's that will pay HUGE Dividends

Four Easy Financial Steps To Take In Your 20s

I’m 35. To teens, I’m ancient, to 20-somethings I’m an adult struggling to relate to them and to 40-year-olds, I’ve still got a lot to learn. As you can probably tell, today’s post isn’t from me but from fellow frugalista Lauren Greutman, whose book, The Recovering Spender comes out today!   Her savings tips, laid out … Continued

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