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Want a Lifestyle You Love?

You Don’t Need Magic. You Need Money Savvy.

It costs a lot to live the good life – travel, happy hour, a nice apartment, and hopefully, a savings account. Understanding your finances can help you afford the lifestyle you want without being dependent on anyone but your fabulous self.

I’m Stefanie and I’m a millennial money expert.

“A financial expert with a best friend’s voice.
Think Mindy Kaling, but with more Excel Spreadsheets.”


Got a Minute?

Check out my #MoneyMinute series where I break down money basics in about 60 seconds (or less).  You can also tune into #TalkingTaboo where I hit the streets of NYC to get the dirt on millennials and their money.

Millennial Money

Millennials have unique financial opportunities (and challenges). Get the data, facts and strategies for rocking your millennial money mindset.

Making More

Saving is important, but it’s only half the battle. Learn how to increase your income to afford your dream lifestyle.

Love and Money

Dating, moving in together, combining your finances – being in love is full of big money decisions. Lean how to have romance without financial ruin.


Living in the big city is amazing – and expensive. Not to mention the cost of vacations, self-care and having a social life. Learn to afford it all!

“This book is a perfect introduction to your personal financial life.”

“An amazing guide to financial survival for anyone.”

At 24, I was an unemployed actress trying to “make it” in New York City. I had two choices – spiral into debt or learn how to effectively manage my money. I chose the latter.

I wrote this book to help my fellow millennials navigate their big city dreams on a small town budget.

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