Stefanie is an author and journalist covering the many ways ambition touches women’s lives - from money to power to career.

She explores topics like the cost of undermining ambition, the relationship between ambition and identity, and the way ambition penalties differ across age, race and gender.

She is also the host of Real Simple Magazine’s podcast, Money Confidential.

In 2017, she co-founded Statement Event, dedicated to connecting the dots between gender equity and financial power - featuring speakers like Ashley C Ford, Jessica Bennett, Morgan Jerkins, Veronica Dagher and Gaby Dunn.

And in 2019, she founded Statement Cards, a line of greeting cards that celebrates milestones beyond marriage and motherhood.

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    Stefanie’s work and advice has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, USA Today, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and more. A go-to expert, Stefanie has appeared on ABC World News, CBSN, Fox Business, Bloomberg, The Dr Oz Show, The Doctors and local television stations across the country.

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    Stefanie hosts Real Simple Magazine’s new podcast, ‘Money Confidential’

    Launching March 2021, Stefanie has signed on to host Real Simple’s new podcast: a modern money advice column tackling all things scary, confusing and overwhelming when it comes to personal finance.

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    Personal finance advice relies on shame; what if we tried empathy?

    Stefanie and Statement Event co-founder, Emma Pattee, for CNBC: ‘Most traditional money advice is built on shame, often packaged as tough love and personal responsibility. The problem is shame doesn’t work.’ 

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    Statement Cards celebrates ambition

    Dedicated to celebrating women’s ambitions and milestones beyond marriage and motherhood, Statement Cards launches new designs to celebrate women for their own achievements and successes.

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    3 ways female leaders can get ahead

    In this column for SUCCESS Magazine, Stefanie writes, ‘Women who assert traditionally masculine qualities are often considered unlikeable, while women who express traditionally feminine qualities are not {...]

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    ‘Stop Telling Women
    To                     ’

    A new series from Stefanie dedicated to debunking some of the myths behind things like the gender ‘confidence gap’ and ‘leadership gap’, while bringing more context and nuance to popular advice like ‘negotiate more’ and ‘speak up.’

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