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You know you have to check your credit, but where do you go to look up your credit reports and what should you be looking for when you do? Get the full credit check breakdown here!

Where to Check Your Credit

  In last weeks’ episode of Money Minute we got the 60-second low down on credit and what it is. Now that we know credit isn’t dictated the number on your paycheck or the balance in your savings account, let’s take a look at what does play into your credit in the latest episode of … Continued

Live Within Your Means

How to Live Within Your Means Without Feeling Limited

  Have you ever been to a wedding (or conference or birthday party) when you’re on a diet? It sucks, right? Piles of cheese, dessert platters, open bar – all for naught. At least for you. Meanwhile your BFFs are enjoying every morsel of indulgence. All you want is to join in. Depending on your … Continued

What Is Credit Anyway

What Is Credit?

  What is credit anyway? In this premiere episode of the new YouTube series Money Minute, I break down the answer in 60 seconds or less. Check it out…       Video Transcript   Credit – it’s NOT about how big your paycheck is or how much money you have in savings. It’s about how … Continued

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