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What is the Future of Student Loan Debt

What Is The Future Of Student Loan Debt?

Imagine you’re 18 years old and expected to buy a home. You are told to go pick something out that you like, something that “feels” right, and then buy it. Don’t worry about how you’ll qualify for the mortgage, there is no income verification necessary. In fact, you don’t even have to have a job. … Continued

How to Make Your First Extra 100 per Month

How to Make Your FIRST Extra $100 a Month

Making an extra $100 dollars a month may not sound like a particularly ambitious goal. One night of babysitting or an afternoon working as a mover and you can easily surpass the $100 mark. Add on a few extra days of side hustle and watch your income gains climb – an extra $500 a month … Continued

How I Tripled My Income Last Year

How I Tripled My Income In 2015: A Year in Breaking Broke

On January 1st, 2015 I made one and only one resolution for the New Year – to stop accepting “broke” as my personal status quo. I could no longer rely on my frugal savvy alone. Even with a bare bones cost of living, my income of twenty grand(ish) was never going to push me far … Continued

How You Can Profit From Your Creative Skills

Dear Artists: You Can Profit From Your Creative Skills

For the first seven years of my professional acting career I made about $20,000/year—including supplemental earnings from my survival jobs. I was only able to live off that limited income by subletting my apartment every time I left town for a gig, subsisting on per diem while away, and banking the entirety of my salary … Continued

How to Become a Suitcase Entrepreneur on an Irregular Income

How to Become a Suitcase Entrepreneur on an Irregular Income

The last time I wrote on this blog I was in Goa, India. I’m now back in South Africa, preparing to move to Sri Lanka for 3 months. Please welcome back guest contributor Vangile Makwakwa as she shares her experience of suitcase entrepreneurship. People assume you have to make a lot of money to travel, … Continued

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