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How to Face Your Financial Fears

How to Face Your Financial Fears To Meet Your Money Goals

  Managing your money, much like managing your health, is simple. But simple isn’t always easy. I know I should opt for a cup of tea in place of a glass of red wine and a piece of chocolate cake, but sometimes I’m tired or sad or celebratory or one of another zillion states of … Continued

What to do with your money

What To Do With Your Money When You Finally Have Some

  Confession – I’m not saving as much money as I could. It doesn’t help that my boyfriend keeps sending me links to luxury apartment rentals – you know, the ones in elevator buildings that come with dishwashers and gasp, IN UNIT laundry (we live in Manhattan where these things are a BIG deal). It’s … Continued

How to Stop Financial Procrastination

How to Stop Procrastinating Your Personal Finances

  I’m a procrastinator. I mailed in my taxes on deadline day, I wrote almost every one of my college essays the night before it was due, and I made it through high school doing homework for the next class during the class before at least 80 percent of the time. Sound familiar? Having flashbacks? … Continued

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