30 Lessons Learned By Age 30

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    30 Lessons Learned By 30

    1. NZ Muse says:

      “That’s the funny thing about money – it doesn’t matter until it does and it does matter until it doesn’t.”

      I couldn’t agree more. DItto on love being a liability (not just in career but in relationships!)

      And like you, reading The Secret changed my life for the better. Before then my attitude kinda sucked – cultivating gratitude is never a bad thing.

    2. Happy birthday! And of course this is a great list. In my opinion, 30 is a lot better than 20 or 25 because you have most of these things figured out!

      • Stefanie says:

        Thanks Holly! I’m really loving this time in my life exactly for all those reasons. I don’t know why people freak out about 30 – it’s WAY better than 20 🙂

    3. Really great advice. Far too many people, including myself, know too much for their own good when they are in their 20s.

      It is only after you grown up a bit, you realize that there is a LOT more to learn from others.

    4. #9 resonated with me. I sometimes think people talk a bigger game and never execute, and you see the same damn things written over and over…this is why I like Nike’s slogan so much. Good lord! Just stop talking and start doing! 🙂

      • Stefanie says:

        hah, yes! It’s funny how all those people who have all those big ideas continue to have those big ideas every time I see them, but their reality never changes. JUST DO IT!

    5. Ah, THIS! This is so great. Thank you for really covering a broad scope of thinking (rather than just writing up a vague list of pinterest-y quotes, haha). Thinks happen through action, not sitting around and thinking (passion, learning, growth, and more).

      Thank you! Saving this for future reading, I have a feeling this is something I come back to and read every now and then

      –signed a 22-year-old

      • Stefanie says:

        Thanks so much Colin! I really wanted to bring some thoughtfulness and nuance to my “listicle” – if that’s even possible in a listicle, haha. Glad to hear it’s resonating 🙂

    6. I love #18. And happy birthday!! Nowadays I wonder what the 40 years olds would’ve told their 30 year old selves, so I can get a jump on that. 😛

      • Stefanie says:

        Right?! Me too. I think no matter what we hear though, we’re all going to have to learn it for ourselves eventually.

    7. Jenn says:

      This is amazing, some of the most human, strong things I’ve read in a long time with no hype nor despair! Many of these are a step ahead of trains of thought I’ve had about feeling stuck. Thank you so much for sharing, I definitely know that my next evolution will hinge largely on the ol’ elbow grease and shoulder to the plow. There are no shortcuts or windfalls but we don’t need ’em anyway because it’s the work that will bring out our best! No fear!

      • Stefanie says:

        Thank you so much Jenn, I’m so glad to hear it landed with you. Best of luck with your next step – no fear indeed 🙂

    8. Love it!! My fave is “yes, and”. As a theatre minor, I fully appreciate the power of this lesson!!

    9. Wow just wow.

      I feel like this post is the culmination of everything you’ve worked towards. It’s epic! I remember when you had the broke and the beautiful life blog and now look where you are. An author, a beautiful website, lots of written and video content…all I can say is congrats!

      I turned 28 a month ago and I’m nearly hitting panic mode because there’s so much I want to accomplish in my 20s, but it will be gone so soon! But like you said, it’s good to not think in terms of duality and become rigid. There is no reason 30 has to be a major milestone for my career and business pursuits. I just need to keep moving in the general direction I want to go – which was another one of your points. So good! Will be sharing on social media : )

      • Stefanie says:

        Thank you SO much David. I spent a lot of time putting these ideas together so I’m SO glad to hear they’re resonating.

        As far as deadlines go, I think we need to give ourselves some credit. You just wrote a book for goodness sake AND you have a full time job and aren’t you in an MBA program or going to be? Either way, we’ve all got lots to celebrate!

    10. Wow, number 5 is perfect for me right now. My 9 to 5 cut my hours and I decided that meant it was time to focus on my own business more and maybe leave the company all together. My wife and I talked about it and the fear is that would mean losing out health insurance….. I picked some less than desirable shifts in order to keep the insurance but now I’m rethinking that… Thanks so much for this article.

      • Stefanie says:

        Like I said, it’s a consideration for sure, but I think too often it becomes this massive roadblock. I bought insurance off the exchange for $260/month. I just thought, well, now I have to hustle $260/month harder 🙂

    11. I really resonate with the “everyone has something to offer” and “know yourself”. I believe everyone in the world has AT LEAST 1 characteristic, personality trait, or knowledge that I can learn from. That’s 7+ billion things we can learn and that’s at the very least because I’m sure some people have more than 1 thing to learn from.

      Also with knowing yourself, you have to know the greatest weapon you will ever have to conquer life, yourself! It’s hard because it’s not something that’s taught in school but definitely something that anyone can learn 🙂

    12. Hi Stefanie! 🙂 I love number 6. Thinking about what is the worst that can happen…can really help push you towards achieving and striving for your goals.

    13. I like the point of “execution trumps ideas.” This is something I’ve been working on. I’ve wanted to break into freelance writing and blogging for several years, but just started taking steps in the last month or two. This happened when I decided I didn’t want to be one of those people who lived in the what ifs and the wish-I-hads down the road. Thanks for this great list! I would add in my own list of things I’m learning leading up to 30 to make money decisions I will thank myself for at 60 (invest in 401k, pay off my house early, invest my money, invest in my marriage, and invest in keeping my body healthy).

      • Stefanie says:

        Yes, Investing in yourself is KEY! I’ve admittedly been using my increased income from blogging to satisfy a lot of those long-term investments – health, finances, etc.

    14. Amazing article! I’m 25 now and can relate to a bunch of points you made in this list. Thank you.

    15. Lots of good tips in here. Some of this is pretty inspirational!

    16. YES, time is the ultimate resource! I know in my 20s I thought I could do whatever and had all this time. Now that I’m 30ish, I realize my time and who I spend it with/doing is so much more important.

      • Stefanie says:

        Thanks Sarah!! The experience of time is one of the craziest transitions. It’s like, wait a minute, where did the last year go? And you know it’s only gonna get faster from here on out, hah.

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