How To Avoid an Impulse Buy

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    Avoiding an Impulse Buy

    1. Debt Blag says:

      The last thing you mentioned helps me sometimes — I’m always sure that I can get a better deal online…and the only thing I like better than impulse buying is knowing I got the best deal possible 🙂

      Another thing I’m experimenting with is keeping track of all the impulse buys I *don’t* make, then that money goes straight to savings. Adds just a little more motivation to not buy something when I think about how nice an extra $54 (or whatever) will feel in my savings account.

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    3. ha ha I just wrote something about this as I just had a mini-spending spree at Kohl’s. I don’t know…I guess when i really have my mind set on something I buy it even though it’s not always in the budget (although I don’t use plastic). Other things I’m really frugal about…so I guess you have to find a balance.

      • Stefanie says:

        Oh, I’ve certainly had my spending sprees at Kohl’s too. I try to avoid going to the stores so I’m not tempted to buy everything. Thank goodness for online shopping.

    4. Troy says:

      I just try to remind myself of all the money I can save. Being an investor myself, a dollar today will probably be ten in a few years.

    5. misssrobin says:

      Love this line: “I’m really OK without them. I was OK without them before I knew they existed and I’ll be OK without them in the future.” Perfect! I’m not really a big spender and I hate shopping, but once in a while I lose it and buy crap I don’t need. Then I face the inevitable buyer’s remorse. Ugh. No one likes that.

      Two things that help me: Use cash. And walk around the store a little longer. As I walk, I give the buyer’s remorse a chance to set it before I actually buy. I can often talk myself out of the purchase before I make the mistake. Then I walk around a little longer putting things back on the shelves. It may sound odd, but it works for me.

    6. When the major ecommerce companies do their BIG annual sales and I am bombarded with emails and advertising all around, I tend to give in. At that time, the one thing which helps me is to put something in my cart and then distract myself by doing something else. Chances are that by the time I open the app again either the offer is gone not making the purchase that lucrative or the impulse to buy it is gone.

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