Getting confident with your cash starts with getting clear on your values and priorities. Take ownership of them by identifying your biggest, boldest, most exciting 5 year dreams and goals.

Download the Day 1 Worksheet.
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Day 1: The Big Picture

It's time to get down and dirty with the numbers while taking ownership of where you stand TODAY. Take stock of all you own and all you owe to get a clear picture of your current financial situation.

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Day 2: Your Empire

It's time to take your big, bold dreams from day 1 and turn them into tangible, financial goals that move you closer to living a lifestyle you love.

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Day 3: Your $$$ Goals

Relationships are one of the biggest financial influences in our lives — the people we choose as partners, how we discuss money with them, and the ways that we maintain financial independence all matter when it comes to achieving your goals. Identify how you plan to build, seek out or improve an existing relationship that supports your financial goals and values.

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Day 4: Love & Money

It's time to ditch the money mindsets that are keeping you broke, and replace them with positive action steps that build momentum in the direction of your goals.

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Day 5: Money Mindset

Identify the roadblocks that stand in the way of achieving your goals — like the time demands of your job, expectations from your family or social pressure from friends — and create contingency plans for managing those roadblocks if and when they do arise.

Also, identify your top resources and allies on your road to a better financial future — developing a plan to support your success.

Download the Day 6 Worksheet.
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Day 6: Roadblocks & Resources

It's time to tie all the pieces together using your completed worksheets from day 1-6 to create a concrete action plan for executing your $ goals with CONFIDENCE!

Download the Day 7 Worksheet.
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Day 7: Your Cash Confidence Action Plan

Money touches every aspect of your life. Your plan for managing it has to consider all of those elements. The process we’ve outlined in this challenge offers a framework for achieving your goals from a financial perspective as well as a relationship perspective, a mindset perspective and a lifestyle perspective. As you work through the execution of your action plan, you can always come back to these exercises, reworking whichever aspect of the process is tripping you up.

Next Steps...

Thank you so much for joining me in this Cash Confidence Challenge! I’m going to keep the Cash Confidants Facebook community open and active so that you can keep finding support and friendship as you implement your action plan and turn your goals into your realities.

I hope that you’ll share wins, find support through struggles and champion other community members as they work through setbacks and successes!