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Why I Returned My Engagement Ring (But Accepted The Marriage Proposal)

Why I Returned My Engagement Ring (But Accepted the Proposal)

I’ve been engaged for three weeks and scared to actually tell anyone (outside of my immediate family and friends). Why? Because I know what happens as soon you say the words, ‘I’m engaged.’ Whether it’s your best friend or a total stranger, there’s an inevitable screech followed by a reach for your right hand to … Continued

Money talk can make or break a relationship, which is why learning to talk honestly about money in your relationship is so important. Here's how to start!

Dating and Money: How to Talk About Money In Your Relationship

A long-talk about the history of your credit score isn’t exactly first date material… But that doesn’t mean you should avoid talking about money in your relationship until you’re using that credit score to get approved for a lease together. Much like you don’t need to come out and tell your date every detail of … Continued

Saving money. How much money should you be saving?

The Myth of the 10% Savings Rate

At some point or another, you’ve probably heard savings advice about setting aside 10 percent of every paycheck or something similar. Maybe you followed that advice, but you still feel like you can’t afford the car you want or the house you want or the family you want to have.   The reality is that … Continued

41 percent of millennials have NO access to employer-sponsored retirement plans. See where and how to save for retirement when you're self-employed

How to Save For Retirement When You’re a Self-Employed Millennial

I’m 30 years old and with the exception of a few short months, I’ve never had access to an employer sponsored retirement plan. In the post-recession, gig economy era, individuals (millennials especially), increasingly lack access to the kind of long-term financial infrastructure typically provided by employers – a regular paycheck, health benefits, paid time off, retirement … Continued

Seven things women couldn’t do with their money 50 years ago and the specific steps women can take TODAY to take ownership of their financial futures

7 Things Women Couldn’t Do With Their Money 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago, just 11% of moms were the primary source of income for their families. Today, 40% of moms are breadwinners. And women make up 47% of the workforce. But it’s not all roses and sunshine. When you look at the statistics around how women manage their money, it’s pretty depressing. Even though women … Continued

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what about when there’s money involved? How to consider (and afford) the real costs of a long distance relationship

The Cost of a Long Distance Relationship (And How to Afford It)

In 2014, my boyfriend spent 6 months working in Europe. Meanwhile, I was living in New York City, broke and borderline unemployed. Was he supposed to pick up the tab to fly me out for a visit? Was I supposed to settle for a skype-only relationship while he was away? No and no I concluded. So after he left … Continued

How to Feel Financially Equal With Your Partner - Even When You Make Different Amounts of Money

3 Ways to Feel Financially Equal (Even When You’re Not)

Serious relationships require serious compromise. From which side of the bed you’ll sleep on to who is going to wash the dishes, each domestic act is a series of negotiations. Sometimes negotiations are unspoken, like when you need a few minutes of quiet time after a long day of work. Other times, they are explicitly … Continued

The High Price of Perfectionism

With a lot of things in life – money, career, relationships, lifestyle – there’s this idea that you need to get it just right… And if it’s not totally completely perfect, you hear from that little voice in your head that says, you suck. This happens to me all the time in my business. I … Continued

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