Breaking Broke

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    Breaking Broke

    1. I also hate the broke mentality. I can never settle for being broke. It was ok when I was younger and clueless of how I was living below my privilege. Good on you. Maybe you should start a No Broke Starving Artist Organization and start changing some of your peers mentality.

    2. Elroy says:

      I love your optimism. I just listened to a podcast where a guy drew a half full/half empty hourglass and said, “To me, this glass is 100% full, all the time.” You remind me of that.

    3. This kind of mindset is also rampant in academia — and as a veteran of both an “artsy” career and of teaching, I’ve been as guilty of it as most of my peers. You’re lucky that you realized this and gave it a name while you were still very young! I always kept my bills paid but also always accepted that “I’d never have much money” without really thinking that through. I’m tired of that assumption, though.

      Congrats on the book!

    4. Best of luck with the book Stefanie and breaking broke! Happy New year!

    5. So proud of you for writing a book! I hope it’s a huge success and I hope 2015 is a great year for you. Love the pic!

    6. Kassandra says:

      Well done with publishing the book Stefanie! I am glad you decided to go beyond living “broke” and see just how far you can push yourself to achieve what you really want out of life.

    7. Mrs. Maroon says:

      Congratulations on the book – what a huge accomplishment!! I’m impressed by your tenacity to break the cycle of your brokedom. And I applaud your efforts to empower others to make those same changes! Cheers to the new year!!

    8. Congrats on the book! That’s a great accomplishment! And I completely agree about breaking the broke stereotype. I was just talking with a theatre friend about this. I have a lot of theatre friends who think that part of being an artist is being broke, and she’s trying to break out of that herself and prove that worthwhile art can happen even if you’re not starving. Haha. Cheers!

    9. Athena says:

      Congratulations on publishing your book and beating the broke mentality!

    10. Michelle says:

      Congrats on the book. Looks great!

    11. Savvy says:

      Congratulations! I love your writing voice – you are so relatable. I think many people just starting out could benefit from your book – not just those in teaching or the arts. I know I would have. Many people overestimate how far their first real paycheck will go. I ‘ve heard more than one comment – I didn’t realize how much would be deducted for taxes. Looking forward to more great posts in 2015.

    12. Congratulations on the book!! That is so, so cool! This year, I’m really hoping to break the ‘broke’ mentality, too! Can’t wait to read your book 🙂

    13. So proud of you girl! It looks awesome. Here’s to beating broke in 2015! 🙂

    14. Congrats on your book release and breaking the “broke” mentality! I hope your outlook spreads like wild fire! There are definitely too many people who label themselves with the “broke” title. Best wishes!

    15. The starving artist lifestyle isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Having money is much more fun! Great job on the book release!

    16. Mike Collins says:

      Congrats on the new book! 🙂

    17. Congrats on the book and on deciding to beat broke! You go girl! I too am trying to build multiple income streams so I can avoid having the problem of running out of money and being broke. I also want to quit my FT job in favor of something I actually enjoy, but I want to avoid being broke if I can, haha.

    18. Huge congrats on the book! That is so awesome! You’re definitely starting 2015 off with a bang!

    19. I am impressed. That’s really a good way to start the year Stef. Gonna check out your book.

    20. jen says:

      You hit the nail on the head – broke is a mentality, and one we have the power to overcome. Congrats on the book and your positive outlook to 2015!!

    21. We use negative words so often, we don’t even know how negatively they affect us. Congratulations on your book, Stefanie! Here’s to a positive 2015! 😀

    22. Mel says:

      Congrats on the book release! I’ve loved what I read so far.

      And happy new year!

    23. jefferson says:

      Congrats on your book release, Stefanie! You have always had solid financial advice coming out the ears, and a great style for communicating it all to others! Wishing you nothing but the best on this big release!

    24. Congratulations on the book!! So excited to see where this takes you. I’ve always loved your attitude toward finances, and this is no different. I completely agree that people need to get out of the broke mentality. It just drags you down. I have no doubt you’ll be hightailing it to building wealth this year. =)

    25. Congrats on the book! I agree with you, it’s about mentality and how you make out of it.
      Also, Happy New Year 2015!

    26. […] Breaking Broke by Stefanie O’Connell Stefanie had a breakout 2014 and she’s looking to leave broke behind! In this stirring article, she talks about overcoming the stereotype of a broke, aspiring actor. She’s ready to take personal finance head-on and show readers how to make some incredible side income. […]

    27. Lila says:

      Congratulations! I checked this out from Amazon through their lending program. Loving it so far. I hate the whole Bohemian starting artist stereotype…too many artists fall into that myth…the truth is that people like the great masters were often commissioned for their work.

    28. Congrats on the book!!! What a huge accomplishment, so happy for you! Here’s to continued success and happiness in 2015!:-)

    29. […] Considering seemingly small and trivial indulgences as a cumulative cost can help put things into perspective and help a lot of people who’ve resigned themselves to “broke” realize that saying “no, I can’t afford it” to those things will actually afford them the opportunity to finally break free of broke. […]

    30. Greg Q says:

      Good way to put a positive on beating broke! Great article, full of helpful information. Looking forward to reading more articles on your blog. Keep up the good work.

    31. […] with my call to action of #breakingbroke in 2015, I figured it was time to hold myself more accountable. After all, those medium-term goals […]

    32. […] became an escape mechanism – a tool to leverage my skill set, grow my earning potential and break free of broke for good. Whether it’s just to scrape by or to build upon existing earnings, sources of […]

    33. […] ditch the starving artist quo and build a more constructive reality, Amanda Clayman, director of the Financial Wellness Program […]

    34. […] so, day after day many artists continue living the single-minded path, resigning themselves to the “starving” status quo and counting on a future breakthrough to make them happy and financially free. In that narrow […]

    35. […] Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have enough to go Scrooge McDuck diving into piles of cash (though I always imagined that would be rather painful), I’m not even breaking the threshold of average household income for NYC, but I am, for the first time, breaking broke. […]

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