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How to Feel Financially Equal With Your Partner - Even When You Make Different Amounts of Money

3 Ways to Feel Financially Equal (Even When You’re Not)

Serious relationships require serious compromise. From which side of the bed you’ll sleep on to who is going to wash the dishes, each domestic act is a series of negotiations. Sometimes negotiations are unspoken, like when you need a few minutes of quiet time after a long day of work. Other times, they are explicitly … Continued

Should You Date Someone Because of Money? The arguments for and against...

Should You Date Someone Because of Money?

This is a two-part series on dating & money. To read part one, click here. You’ve both swiped right and after a few messages back and forth, you’ve finally decided to meet for drinks. When you see him at the bar for the first time, there are a lot of reasons you might be attracted … Continued

When Should You Dump Someone Because of Money Problems? Before making any big decisions, be sure to consider these three things...

Would (and Should) You Dump Someone Because of Money Problems?

You’ve found the perfect guy. He’s smart and attractive. Check. Your family loves him. Double check. And as an added bonus, you two have the exact same sense of humor. But after six months of dating heaven, you discover a problem – his financial situation sucks.  His checking account is constantly overdrawn, his five-figure credit … Continued

After depending on my boyfriend to share costs and help around the house for 5 years, negotiating car repairs helped me find my independence post-breakup.

Finding Financial Independence Post-Breakup

Today’s guest contribution comes from Emily Lackey.   If breaking up with my boyfriend of five years taught me anything, it’s that the financial world favors people in partnerships. After moving out of the house we’d been sharing, I became saddled with $4,000 in relocating costs. A monthly rent that was suddenly twice as much. … Continued

The golden rule of lending money to friends, family or a partner and how to navigate the awkward those money conversations.

Should You EVER Lend Money to Your Partner?

At 25 years old, Martin Dasko had his financial life in order – until his love life got in the way. “I was dating a girl who was a student. She didn’t have enough money to cover rent and living expenses because she lost her job. “ After sending her cash online, they agreed she … Continued

Would you (and should you) get married for health coverage? Consider these potential pitfalls first!

Should I Get Married For Health Insurance?

  Forget dreading the holidays, I’ve been dreading November 1st. As my business has grown, my income has grown along with it, and I’ve been bracing myself for the inevitable – a big increase in my healthcare costs. Three years ago, I still qualified for Medicaid! And while I didn’t exactly love waiting three hours to … Continued

Why Single Ladies Cant Afford a Single Income

Why Single Ladies Can’t Afford a Single Income

  Single ladies, listen up! You CANNOT afford to rely on one income stream. Okay, this is true for the gents too, and even couples, but because I’m speaking from my point of view here (and because most modern day couples already enjoy the benefits of dual income), this (tough) love letter is dedicated to … Continued

Financial Deal Breakers in Relationships

Should Relationships Have Financial Deal Breakers?

You made it past the first-date, maybe even the first year, but what happens when you find out your partner is carrying around five-figures worth of credit card debt, or spends over half of his or her monthly paycheck on bar tabs. Is it a deal breaker? We’re back with another episode of Talking Taboo, … Continued

Financial Planning Staying Single

Financial Planning Under the Assumption of Staying Single

I’ve been musing about my medium term financial goals a lot lately – buying a house, having children, maybe even getting married. With major life milestones starting to appear on my 5-10 year horizon, I’m beginning to internalize the financial implications of my possible futures and what I need to do in the present to prepare. While sitting … Continued

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