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Managing your money isn't about savings, investments, budgeting or the money itself, it's about using your money as a tool to afford a lifestyle you love

How to AFFORD a Lifestyle You Love

  As a broke twenty something trying to ‘make it’ in NYC, I remember feeling like everything was outside of my control. Money was certainly no exception. Then I came across this advice…   Stop thinking about money as something you struggle to understand and start thinking about it as a tool to build a life on your terms.   … Continued

Resolving to save more in 2017? Use these tools to spend and save smarter!

How to Save More with Tech in 2017

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.    I remember the first time I won something on eBay. It was a leather jacket (I was sixteen, forgive me) and I’d been watching it for days. Would I get outbid at the last second? Nope. In fact, I’m guessing I … Continued

It can feel intimidating to make a purchase with a five or six-figure price tag. Learn how to afford your big purchases in 2017 - house, car, vacation and more!

How to Save Up for Your Big Purchases in 2017

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.    As 2017 approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about my wish list. You know, that list of big purchases I’ve always dreamed of making – a beach house in San Diego, weekly sessions with a personal trainer and a daily massage, … Continued

Only 14% of young people say they prefer doing their banking in person. See what banks are now offering to keep up with millennials in 2017.

How Banks Are Keeping Up With Millennials in 2017

This article is sponsored by Capital One. All opinions are my own.    Like most things millennial, our habits around managing money are drastically different from those of our parents. From the fact that at age 30, more of us have student loan debt than have a mortgage. To the fact that we take our phones … Continued

Living paycheck to paycheck is a financial and emotional hardship. Only when you tackle both aspects simultaneously can you get ahead in your financial life. Start with these steps...

How to STOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck

  If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you’re probably frustrated. Working all the time, but never getting ahead. Spinning your gears. It starts to feel pointless. I’ve been there.    Early in my acting career, I would set my alarm for 6am audition sign ups. Spending the day waiting for my name to be called before … Continued

Who are the millennial homebuyers of 2017, what are they looking for in a home and how are they approaching the home buying process? Get the scoop!

The 2017 Millennial Home Buyer

  If you’re a millennial and thinking of buying a house, 2017 is your year. To me, home buying is one of those mystical things that people who don’t live in New York City do. On my Facebook feed, I watch new homebuyers the way the way I do Olympic figure skaters – so majestic, … Continued

How your car shopping mindset can save you money - and the three things to consider BEFORE you go to the dealership!

How Your Car Shopping Mindset Can Save You Money

This article is sponsored by Capital One in conjunction with the new Capital One Auto Navigator® site. All opinions are my own.    I’ve lived in New York City since I was 18 years old. I didn’t even get my license until I turned 20. As a driver, I’m a mix between NYC road rage and … Continued

Remember these 3 things when taking financial advice from your parents. It may be their advice, but you're the one who'll have to live with the consequences

Should You Take Money Advice From Mom and Dad?

  Whether your parents are rich or poor, stuffing money under their mattress or investing experts, at one point or another, you’ve probably asked them for financial advice. A study by Fidelity Investments surveyed over 150 millennials and found that 33% considered their parents their go-to resource for trusted money advice.     Is that … Continued

How to budget with inconsistent income. Even with unpredictable and irregular cash flow, you can enjoy financial freedom. Here are 4 strategies that work!

4 Ways to Budget With Inconsistent Income

  I’m 30 years old and I’ve never had salary certainty. That is, I’ve never had a definite (or even approximate) sense of how much money I’m going to make in a given year. From teenage camp counselor to professional actress to full time entrepreneur, inconsistent, unpredictable income has always been a fact of my … Continued

Want to save more money? Try starting with this simple mindset shift.

The One Mindset Shift That Will Help You Save More Money

  Imagine working a full day and having nothing to show for it because your expenses – commuting, lunch, work attire, etc. – cost just as much as you made that day. You probably wouldn’t be too pleased. In fact, you’d probably find another job. One that nets you more than zero. When thinking about … Continued

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