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Saving money. How much money should you be saving?

The Myth of the 10% Savings Rate

At some point or another, you’ve probably heard savings advice about setting aside 10 percent of every paycheck or something similar. Maybe you followed that advice, but you still feel like you can’t afford the car you want or the house you want or the family you want to have.   The reality is that … Continued

41 percent of millennials have NO access to employer-sponsored retirement plans. See where and how to save for retirement when you're self-employed

How to Save For Retirement When You’re a Self-Employed Millennial

I’m 30 years old and with the exception of a few short months, I’ve never had access to an employer sponsored retirement plan. In the post-recession, gig economy era, individuals (millennials especially), increasingly lack access to the kind of long-term financial infrastructure typically provided by employers – a regular paycheck, health benefits, paid time off, retirement … Continued

Seven things women couldn’t do with their money 50 years ago and the specific steps women can take TODAY to take ownership of their financial futures

7 Things Women Couldn’t Do With Their Money 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago, just 11% of moms were the primary source of income for their families. Today, 40% of moms are breadwinners. And women make up 47% of the workforce. But it’s not all roses and sunshine. When you look at the statistics around how women manage their money, it’s pretty depressing. Even though women … Continued

The High Price of Perfectionism

With a lot of things in life – money, career, relationships, lifestyle – there’s this idea that you need to get it just right… And if it’s not totally completely perfect, you hear from that little voice in your head that says, you suck. This happens to me all the time in my business. I … Continued

Why your net worth is the most meaningful and comprehensive metric for tracking your financial health. And 73 percent of millennials don't know theirs!

The Most Important Money Metric 73% of Millennials Don’t Know

There’s a never-ending list of things you should be doing with your money— growing your income, slashing your expenses and saving for retirement. It can be hard to keep up and even harder to understand if you’re on the right track. Between student loan payments, wedding funds, dreams of travel and career advancement, the struggle is … Continued

What Millennials NEED to Know About Net Worth - It's Not About The Number, It's About These Money Habits...

What Millennials Need to Know About Net Worth

There are only two things that really matter when it comes to worth – self-worth and net worth. How you feel about yourself and the value you place on your time are indicators of self-worth. Remember the time you finally stood up for yourself at work and demanded credit for the projects you completed? Or … Continued

Managing your money isn't about savings, investments, budgeting or the money itself, it's about using your money as a tool to afford a lifestyle you love

How to AFFORD a Lifestyle You Love

 As a broke twenty something trying to ‘make it’ in NYC, I remember feeling like everything was outside of my control. Money was certainly no exception. Then I came across this advice… Stop thinking about money as something you struggle to understand and start thinking about it as a tool to build a life on your terms. By that point, … Continued

Resolving to save more in 2017? Use these tools to spend and save smarter!

How to Save More with Tech in 2017

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.    I remember the first time I won something on eBay. It was a leather jacket (I was sixteen, forgive me) and I’d been watching it for days. Would I get outbid at the last second? Nope. In fact, I’m guessing I … Continued

It can feel intimidating to make a purchase with a five or six-figure price tag. Learn how to afford your big purchases in 2017 - house, car, vacation and more!

How to Save Up for Your Big Purchases in 2017

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.    As 2017 approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about my wish list. You know, that list of big purchases I’ve always dreamed of making – a beach house in San Diego, weekly sessions with a personal trainer and a daily massage, … Continued

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