3 Reasons Your Money Habits Are Failing You - Stefanie O'Connell

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    3 Reasons Your Money Habits Are Failing You

    1. Amar Singh says:

      Hey I am getting back to your blog after a long time and as usual I found a very interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Kalen says:

      Hey Stefanie!

      It’s Kalen here from MoneyMiniBlog (and now Freedom Sprout – finance blog for kids). I’m making my rounds with my blogger buddies. I admit I haven’t been reading many blogs lately, but this one is great. Goals, organization and routine. That sums up so much of our life. I hear people always talking about how they’re aren’t doing well financially, but when I ask where they want to be, they don’t know. Loved the article.


      • Stefanie says:

        Thank you Kalen! I’m glad you enjoyed this article. So many people don’t know where they want to be financially because they don’t know where they’re at currently. Taking the time to become organized and make a routine out of money management can help people create their life goals more effectively.

    3. Docupop says:

      Money is SO important to be aware about. You have such great tips that are so relatable for people of all ages and all walks of life. We love to help people learn how to save money and pay off student loan debt, and we LOVE reading your articles!

    4. I love these tips. Especially the ridiculously detailed goals. It’s so hard to stick to a spending plan unless you know exactly why you need to forgo those cute shoes.

      I also like the money night as date night… with yourself. Couples benefit from money date night too.

      • Stefanie says:

        Yes, it’s important to “treat yo’self” to a money date night as well. Just give yourself a solid glass of wine and relax as you work those budget sheets!

    5. MoneyAhoy says:

      I think this is spot on. It’s all about your budget habits and money routine. If you get everything setup and stick to a routine, you are likely to end up far ahead of those that do not!

    6. Great advice! I also like to chart my progress so I can visualize where I’m going. It makes whatever financial goal I’m working on seem more real and is a visual reminder (in my closet) that I see everyday before heading out into the world.

    7. Hannah L says:

      I am totally guilty of number 1!!!

    8. John Smith says:

      nice information on this page… I like this.

    9. Billy Nixen says:

      This is very encouraging! Starting a habit is not easy but once it becomes a habit, everything will be alright. When it comes to money, I think everyone at one point in their lives experiences struggle in budgeting while many struggles in paying off debt. I’d been in both situations, and I can say that up to now, I’m having difficulty with my spending habits. I kept on reading articles like this because I find them encouraging and helpful as I move forward slowly but surely.

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