40 Ways to Make More Money Now & in 2018 At Work, At Home and More

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    40 Ways to Make More Money Now

    1. What a great list!!! I think my readers are going to love it – can’t wait to share!!!

    2. Awesome ideas, Stefanie! I’d love to teach some in-person classes in the future. My friend is teaching a blogging course at our local art school. Looks like a super fun way to make extra money.

    3. giulia says:

      interesting, thanks for sharing!!!

    4. Amazon Flex is a great way to make money. My brother does it (also works for Uber) and gets to ship items for about $18-$25 an hour.

    5. Patti Fagan says:

      What a great list! Nice mix of doable ideas.

    6. Wow so much opportunity so little time, my days need to be 48 hrs long! Hope to add #6 in 2017 to our portfolio!

    7. Dawn says:

      Good Morning!

      This is an amazing go-to list for 2017. Perfect for money driven women who have stronger goals for 2017. Thank you so much for posting!

    8. Stephen says:

      Lots of great tips. Looking to take advantage of #1 during my yearly review which is coming up shortly! Otherwise…maybe #3

    9. David Chen says:

      Awesome list. I have seen a few of these before, but you had some new ideas I have not seen before. I’ll have to try a few out!

    10. Great Tips! Such a great information.

      I agree with you that “only 43 percent of people have ever asked for a raise in their current field.” I have always been facing problems with Making Extra Money and was trying to hire someone to help me.

      I will tweet your post. Thanks a lot for sharing.


    11. Zach Strange says:

      Just went back over this list for the fourth time as I am walking some friends through the process of getting out of debt. There is so much value here. Thanks again for sharing.

    12. This is such a great list, thanks for sharing it! I have done a few things on the list in the past. I really appreciated all the links to apps that make doing and finding these gigs easier. As a blogger and writer it never hurts to have an extra side hustle to make more money,

      Also, I am enjoying your site so much. I’m a genX’r but I pursued acting in my 20’s and lived in NYC and LA and feel your pain about making it all work in an expensive city. But now I’m a writer in the suburbs raising my kiddo, so all that feels like a long time ago!

    13. Hi Stefanie,

      I love this list! Can really help out anybody who wants to make ends meet and stop the financial struggle.

    14. Rohan Yadav says:

      I read your points that you described in your blog to earn more but i am bit confused about your one point that is all about to raise your prices. I think it can also be side effect may be no one will come to you to any work because if you increase your price, another colleagues of your same field have lowest price, in that case they can get more work than you.

    15. Rohan Yadav says:

      Yea, I hear about Scribedi before and even try once but don’t find it good. I am doing proofreading as a freelance. I saw another job on your blog Start a blog is another one jobs that I feel i should try.

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