How to Make Saving Money a Habit

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    6 Ways to Make Saving Money a Habit

    1. Having my savings on auto-pilot is a life saver. I was surprised how quick and easy it can add up when you aren’t messing with money!

      • Stefanie says:

        I’d always been nervous about automating savings because my income is so irregular, which is why Digit is such a fab tool for me. Automation without the worry of overdraft 🙂

    2. Oh my goodness!! 37% for $1,000?! That is so horrible!! 🙁

    3. I like the idea of using automated savings programs. Just send $100 each paycheck to the credit union and don’t touch it. That’s as habit forming as it gets

      • Stefanie says:

        Automated savings are great when you have a steady paycheck. I’ve always struggled with creating a system for my piecemeal pay.

    4. giulia says:

      I like this post and I am completely agree with it but sometimes isn’t so easy save money, for example I had unexpected bill for car repair this week, thanks to my savings I paid it cash but for this summer I am trying to save more looking for new side hustle covering weekly expenses with dog sitting income and put the rest of money between my bank account (for automatic payments) and a determinated weekly amount in my travel mug-piggy bank to treat myself with a little holiday in the end of summer:D

      • Stefanie says:

        It can definitely be a challenge. Make sure you’ve got some emergency savings in addition to savings for goals. That will help cover the costs of those nasty unexpected expenses like car repairs without having to stress about relying on credit.

    5. Our monthly budget is what helps us keep up with our good habits. It’s easy to let life get in the way and your goals fall to the wayside if you don’t have a system in place!

    6. Automating is a huge key for me, making sure I have money going straight to my 401K (before I see it) and then automating additional for my ROTH IRA has made all the difference. Like you said its easy to see it in your checking account and test the willpower instead of saving/investing. Also terrifying stat on the emergency fund….37%????

    7. Automatic transfers are totally what made my savings account grow. I also keep a jar of all my loose change and then take it down to the CoinStar machine every few months to exchange the coins for an Amazon gift card, it’s amazing how quick it can add up.

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