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Stefanie O’Connell is a millennial money expert, speaker and author of the book, “The Broke and Beautiful Life.”

Dedicated to helping young adults achieve financial greatness, Stefanie has been nicknamed the Mindy Kaling of personal finance by The Greenwich Time. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, SUCCESS magazine,, The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News and ABC World News. She also works with universities, leading financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies, sharing her fresh and timely advice with their audiences.

Stefanie is a graduate of New York University. She resides in Manhattan.

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In 2008, I graduated college with a degree in drama and boarded a plane to the Philippines as a cast member on the international tour of Cinderella the musical. I was 22 years old and living my dream.

While performing and globetrotting across Asia, the American economy was in the midst of the ’08 meltdown. By the start of 2009, I was back in New York City, a young, recently unemployed actress at the height of the financial crisis.


Is this my dream after all?


Weeks of pounding the pavement later, I was offered another gig— at $225 per week.

As I weighed the potential take home pay against my rent, the sobering financial reality of a career in show business quickly became clear.


I found myself stuck at the intersection of “starving artist” and “living the dream” in an unsustainable cycle of temporary artistic highs and ongoing financial woes – chasing my dreams while broke.


Empowerment through personal finance.


In my experience, pursuing a career that you love had always been framed as mutually exclusive from financial freedom. But I didn’t want to choose, so I set out to find a way to have it all.


I dove deep into personal finance, learning as much as I could. I sat at the back of the tour bus every evening, plugging my daily expenses into spreadsheets. I studied investment principles while taking the subway home after late night restaurant shifts.

As I began to share the tips and tricks I had uncovered with peers, I stumbled upon an eager audience. Regular people like you and me, struggling to get a grasp on their money in the midst of a shifting economic landscape – motivated by earnest aspirations but lost in the jargon and obscurity of traditional financial institutions and media.

As I began to chronicle my journey online, my audience grew larger, and in 2015, my first book was published, The Broke and Beautiful Life.


Breaking Broke.


Having learned to stretch my dollars, cultivate rich habits, and develop my own income streams, I found myself thinking about a new mission: #BreakingBroke.


I wanted to push myself, and others, beyond the inherent limitations of savings techniques to find innovative and profitable ways of growing—financially, personally, and professionally.


I had realized the possibility of entrepreneurship as a way to pursue my passions while living richly every day.

Today, it is my great privilege to share my personal journey for a living. I use my love of theater and storytelling to teach to young audiences online, in media and all over the country how to leverage the powerful tools of personal finance and entrepreneurship to build a life on their terms.

The messages of change, progress and gratitude I receive in reply are more gratifying than any on-stage bow or curtain call.


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