How I Qualified For My First New York City Apartment

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    How I Qualified For My First New York City Apartment

    1. Good credit continues to get me great new credit cards with good rewards programs with fast approval and application acceptance. Without the good credit, I’d be stuck using $500 prepaid cards or a high APR card from BofA with 0 rewards points. That’s an incredible story about NYC, everywhere else in the country the landlords would be begging YOU to sign and trying to approve you for the apt

    2. giulia says:

      good credit helps but believe me also find the perfect house/apartment isn’t so easy:P

      • Stefanie says:

        The apartment hunt is definitely tough, but I can’t imagine how much tougher it would be if I didn’t have good credit (or if I had a dog 😉 )

    3. Apartment hunting is fun and exciting. Handing in all that paperwork is not fun. But a necessary evil if you want to be a renter. Just imagine how much paper work you have to give to buy a home? (3X times as much) Good luck in your rental anniversary!

      • Stefanie says:

        I can’t even begin to imagine the hassle of buying a home. Or owning it and having to worry about maintenance for that matter!

    4. Stefanie I have to admit I’ve been watching million dollar listing: New York and holy cow it’s incredible how little you get for your money in NYC! The prices paid for some of these apartments would buy you multiple (giant) houses on the most sought-after lake in Minnesota, Lake Minnetonka.

    5. I had no idea so much was involved with living in NYC! Such a naive Ohio native! 🙂

      • Stefanie says:

        Yeah, the 40X monthly rent requirement is killer. If you use a guarantor, (basically a cosigner who won’t live there with you but serves as the “back up”), they have to make 80x the monthly rent!

    6. Thanks so much for writing this! I don’t often see or hear about how people go about qualifying for a NYC apartment. Being that I’m 22, many people around my age usually just hop from sublet to sublet since they don’t meet the 40X rule.

      I”ve been working to steadily improve my credit score over the past year and just checked it today. Super happy where it’s at and working to get it higher! Have you done a post on different NYC neighborhoods and affordability in each?

      • Stefanie says:

        Hey Colin! Yes, good credit can go a long way, and in the meantime, thank goodness for subletting 🙂 While I haven’t specifically written about each of the neighborhoods, I moved to Harlem to find my place and I absolutely love it. Washington Heights and Inwood I find to be the most affordable in Manhattan. Moving further out into Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Jersey are also great options.

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