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What is Statement                        

Statement Cards is dedicated to celebrating women’s ambitions and milestones beyond marriage and motherhood.

We believe in recognizing women, not only for their value in relation to others, but also, for their own achievements and successes. 

Whether it’s supporting your sister as she starts her own business, congratulating your bestie when she scores a raise or taking a moment to acknowledge yourself when you finish paying off your student loans, we’re here to help you celebrate - joyfully and unapologetically.


“Sent my first Statement Card to a friend who started her business. She cried and it meant so much to her!”
- Misty Lynch

“Cannot get enough of this greatness from Statement Cards! This is genius Stefanie O’Connell! Thank you!” - Marsha Barnes

“As someone who isn’t interested in marriage or kids, I am 100% in love with this idea.”
- Melanie Lockert

“I love coming home from trip tto either find a cheque or a piece of mail that makes me happy. My first order of boss cards from Statement Cards arrived!”
- Kassandra Dasent Founder, BridgeTech Enterprises 

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