5 Ways to Get Your Finances in Order and Stop Stressing About Money

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    5 Ways to Get Your Finances in Order So You Can Stop Stressing About Money

    1. Great tips! It’s so much easier to feel like you’re in control when you know what’s going on and you have a plan to address anything you don’t like. It’s similar in divorce: the spouse who didn’t handle the money during marriage can reduce the stress just by understanding a few things about the household finances.

    2. Kyla Adams says:

      There has been a significant increase of cost of living in the past few months in my country, what with the high inflation rates affecting the economy and regular people’s everyday expenses. Budgeting and saving takes a great deal of responsibility to a single mother like me. To be honest, ever since my kids had gone back to school, I’ve been stressing about money and cost of prime commodities and I couldn’t help but sigh and wish things were better if I got someone else to help me financially. But seeing your and Jacquelyn Pica’s tips on how to stop stressing about money, I realized those tips are much better (keeping your credit safe is way easier to do than finding a husband, based on experience) and realistic. Thank you so much for these!

    3. Bernz JP says:

      Yes, money related anxieties are widespread nowadays. Love your tip on “Saving automation” especially if you are a person who has issues with self-discipline. Automated saving is the solution. Get that money into your savings account before you can even get hold of your salary.

    4. Really helpful tips. I always end up being stressed about thinking the money spent my me.
      Gonna work on your tips now.

      • Stefanie says:

        Even just channeling the time we spend thinking about money to time we spend taking action and actually managing our money, can be a game changer.

    5. Docupop says:

      These are great tips! It definitely helps to sit down and jut down your expenses, debt etc to figure how much “fun” money you got left! Once you got it all down, why not take a moment to destress? You’re worth it!

    6. Automating your savings is probably the most important first step in the personal finance journey. Psychologically, it helps you to reduce your current spending as you don’t miss what you don’t have. Plus you’ll find your savings quickly start to accrue.

    7. Optinsure says:

      How can I start saving easily along with paying off my existing debts?

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