7 Things Women Couldn't Do With Their Money 50 Years Ago

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    7 Things Women Couldn’t Do With Their Money 50 Years Ago

    1. I can’t even imagine what it used to be like to be a woman. I’m so glad that things are changing for the better, even if we still have a way to go.

      • Stefanie says:

        Likewise. It’s crazy to think how recent some of these policies were too!

      • Yeah, it was rough. My grandmother used to tell me all about her life and ours is sunshine and roses compared to that. I had a 2 year maternity leave (in Romania it’s 2 years :)), even if I didn’t use it, since I work from home, so I’d rather work 2 hours/day and earn a decent income, but, if I was employed, it would have been pretty sweet. We have all these gadgets that make our lives easier, my pregnancy was super easy, I asked for a c-section and got it (never regretted it), everything is easier for us now.

    2. Lisa Rogalsky says:

      I’m shocked to learn of these stats that existed while I was growing up! I’m so thankful to live in an increasingly supportive time in history, for women. I’m determined not to retire in poverty!!

    3. Gee… I’m so glad that things have changed…
      Some of those things are also outrages. Just imagine that, we could not even take out a business loan…

    4. In India there was no need for such rules as mostly family conventions and traditions didn’t allow too many women to work. While things are changing rapidly for the better, there are still enough sections of the society that categorically tell a woman she is not allowed to work (have seen some examples at close quarters).
      This is quite an enlightening post and makes one feel grateful as a woman to be born in a more liberal era.

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