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Engage millennials around your message!

As a millennial money pro, I help young people develop rich habits to create more fulfilling lives and cash flow. I would love to share my expertise as part of your program or campaign.


To set up an interview or book me on your show, please contact me.


I partner with brands and organizations to engage new audiences and/or support existing campaigns.

Past clients include top universities, like NYU, and Fortune 500 companies, like Capital One and VISA.

I’m open to a variety of projects, including speaking engagements, webinars, workshops, panel presentations, event planning, outreach, video and on camera campaigns, social media campaigns, and sponsorships.

Contact me for a free consultation to find out more.


To book me for your next event, contact me here.

OCU talk

Recent Talks

  • ConnectorCon 2015 Panel: Media as a Connection Tool
  • New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, 2015
  • FinCon 2015: How to Become an Industry Expert, With or Without Expertise
  • Adelphi University, 2015
  • Millennial Summit 2016: How to Engage a Millennial Audience
  • OCU Alumni Workshop
  • The Legacy Show, NYC
  • The Road to Financial Wellness 2016
  • Teen Entrepreneurship Conference 2016
  • FinCon 2016: From Blog to Brand, Leveraging Your Online Audience to Become a Thought Leader
  • CapXTalk Seattle: Reimagining Finances



“Stefanie spoke with great enthusiasm on what shouldn’t be, but is a taboo subject: money. Her clear understanding of financial matters and life in the arts makes her a terrific fit for this topic! Our participants left with a clearer understanding on money, as well as action items ready to tackle. I highly recommend.”

  • Melissa Levine, Director of Career Development at The Tisch School of The Arts, New York University

Participant Feedback…

“Absolutely one of the best and most informative classes I’ve ever been to.”

“100% SO helpful! We never get this at school but it’s SO important”

“This was invaluable advice.”

“Full of needed information; get her again.”

“I am blown away with the incredible info”


Speaking Topics


A nationally recognized millennial expert and commentator, Stefanie speaks to millennials about leveraging the unprecedented opportunities and technologies of today to create success on their own terms.

Stefanie also helps brands seeking to make meaningful connections with this rising demographic.



From ‘starving artist’ to six figure business, Stefanie knows what it takes to start and grow a successful business. From mastering your message to fostering meaningful relationships to harnessing the confidence you need to deliver your message authentically, Stefanie offers the tools you need to enjoy raging success in all your career pursuits.

Personal Finance

A published personal finance author and nationally recognized money expert featured on ABC World News, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, and many others – Stefanie covers money basics without the boredom. Learn the language of money and use it as a tool to live richly. Ideal for students and beginner budgeters.

Stefanie OConnell millennial money speaker
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