you are your OWN money plan.

An independent woman doesn’t borrow from her parents.
She doesn’t need to. She makes more than she spends, saves more than she needs, and knows where every dollar is going.
An independent woman doesn’t let her partner call the MONEY shots.
She’s the only one responsible for her financial well-being. She treats her partner like an equal and is fully engaged in all financial decisions.
An independent woman is her own money plan.
She wants a luxury lifestyle and knows with a little luck, a lot of planning and some #hustle, she’s going to get it. Vacations, an apartment with a view and a late-night uber ride (or two) - she handles her money so she doesn’t have to live cheap.
own your money

Ready to become a financially independent woman?

Take the Cash Confidence Challenge!

Join millennial money expert Stefanie O’Connell for the Cash Confidence Challenge. It’s seven days of lessons, guidance and worksheets to help you take ownership of your financial situation in order to afford the life you want.

Best part? It’s totally 100% free.

“I honestly couldn’t picture a future where I wasn’t a trainwreck before, and now I can see the whole map.”

– Haley

“These 7 days have really been invaluable to getting me back on track. When all of the sudden life changes and the possibilities are endless, it can be very overwhelming to choose a path forward. But now I’ve found it!”

– Christa

“Thank you for this. I have a better idea of what my plan for the next 5 years will be. I will have one debt paid off by March and the chance to fulfill my dream – being debt free with enough money in my savings and emergency fund to feel like I don’t have to work extra shifts or side jobs unless I want to. That’s a $120,000 roughly. I know, right? It’s a jaw-dropping amount but I feel like I finally have an idea of how to get there.”

– Echo

“This has been an amazing journey for me. I started out with just an idea of where I wanted to go (conceptually and heart-wise) but not concretely or money-wise. This has been a great exercise for me to see where I need to focus and where to start.

It was somewhat overwhelming, but also empowering to sit down and really dig into the work. It became less overwhelming when I was able to write down what to do about the obstacles – and not just leave them as obstacles!”

– Evelyn

“When I started your challenge, I was totally floundering and had even called a counselor to try to get my head screwed back on. I just don’t do well without a plan and I was frozen (literally) for 3 weeks by fear, apprehension, and perfectionism. Your course, your enthusiasm, and feedback has literally changed my life. I’m no longer paralyzed, moving full-steam ahead and taking the time needed to start and finish all the unfinished business in my life (and there is A LOT!).”

– Christa

“I was surprised how all the previous assignments fit together so easily to provide a framework for my action plan. I’m so pumped about change for a better future, rather than feeling hopeless and helpless.”

– Lisa Rogalsky

The Cash Confidence Challenge
is for you if you:
Never (ever, ever) want to ask your parents for money again
Want to rely on yourself financially, not a romantic partner
Aren’t 100% sure what the balance of your credit card is... or how much money is in your savings account
Tune out when your money-savvy friends start talking about 401ks and investing because you feel like you have nothing to add
Dream of the apartment you’ll live in, the car you’ll drive, the cities you’ll visit, but have no idea how you’re going to ever afford it
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